Deposits of $50.00 can be paid to put your future baby (Not Hatched yet) on LAYAWAY and PAYMENTS CAN BEGIN IN ADVANCE. You will then be notified when your baby hatches and at that time the deposit will need to be increased to the full 25%.
Deposits are “NON-REFUNDABLE” unless we are unable to deliver the bird for some reason.
Payments can be made while the baby is being hand fed,
and the final payment made at least two weeks prior to the baby leaving our aviary.
Babies will be sent home 7-10 days after all handfeeding has stopped and the baby is eating well on its own. Beyond that 10 days a boarding fee of $10.00 per day will apply.
We are extremely proud of the quality of our birds and the excellent reputation we have earned through the years of hard work and dedication. All our birds are guaranteed, in writing, to be healthy and free of any pre-existing conditions at the time of sale. Customers are encouraged to have the bird examined by a Board Certified Avian Veterinarian, and must do so with 72 hours of receipt to validate the guarantee. In the event a congenital defect or health problem results in the loss of the bird, a copy of the health report, the necropsy report and the E.P. legband from the bird must be provided in order to invoke the provisions of this guarantee. In the event a pre-existing condition is diagnosed by your Board Certified Avian Veterinarian, and confirmed by our attending Board Certified Avian Veterinarian, Eggs-otic Parroting will, at our discretion, replace the bird(s), or refund the purchase price, subject to the conditions stated above. We do not consider a slight growth of gram negative bacteria post-shipping to be disease, but rather a stress-related reaction to being shipped.
Conditions Of Sales
The buyer agrees to have the bird examined by a Board Certified Avian Veterinarian within 72 hours of receipt in order to validate our guarantee.
We must be notified IMMEDIATELY if any changes are noticed in the birds health.
If the bird dies within the 72 hour period after receipt, refrigerate (do not freeze) until a necropsy can be performed by a Board Certified Avian Veterinarian, to determine liability and possible replacement of bird.
Failure to adhere to the conditions set forth above indicate the buyer agrees that they have purchased the bird in an“AS IS” condition and forever waives any guarantees of health, fitness, merchantability, breeder, pet or show potential.
Extra Services
DNA Sexing (with certificate) is available for $35.00.

We can test your baby for you prior to shipping at your expense.

Avian Viruses:
PBFD (Beak and Feather), Polyoma virus, Pacheco's, Avian Herpes virus, West Nile virus, Avian Influenza virus.

Bacterial Diseases:
Culture Sensitivity, Chlamydia, Bordetella, Pseudomonus, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Tuberculosis.

All single or additional testing other than the Avian Combination Testing packages will be $50.00 per test.

Avian Combination Testing :
(Package # 1) For any 2 of Polyoma, Chlamydia, PBFD, Avian Herpes (Pacheco's) or gender testing for each bird. $80.00

(Package # 2) For any 3 of Polyoma, Chlamydia, PBFD, Avian Herpes (Pacheco's) or gender testing for each bird. $110.00

(Package # 3) For any 4 of Polyoma, Chlamydia, PBFD, Avian Herpes (Pacheco's) or gender testing for each bird. $140.00

(Package # 4) DNA Sexing, PBFD, Polyoma, Chlamydia, Avian Herpes
(Pacheco's) per bird. $170.00

A “Health Certificate” ($90.00) is required by some airlines and will be added to the cost of shipping in that case.
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